The Societies and Institutions and Other Related Matters Law of 2017, as amended (the “Law”), replaced the existing legislation with respect to societies, institutions and clubs and, specifically, the Societies and Institutions Law of 1972 and the Clubs Registration Law, Cap. 112.

Despite the abolishment of the previous legislation, societies and institutions registered pursuant to the provisions of the previous legislation are deemed to have been registered pursuant to the provisions of the Law.  In any event, existing societies, institutions and clubs are required to amend their constitution (if necessary pursuant to the provisions of the Law) by 31/12/2019 in order to comply with the provisions of the Law.

As far as clubs are concerned, the Law abolishes the existing form of clubs and, therefore, existing clubs wishing to continue to exist must register as a different form of entity.  Clubs which have renewed their registration by 30/06/2018 shall continue to exist and operate until 31/12/2019 (the deadline for the submission of the amended constitution).

The Law introduces, between others, the financial and managerial transparency of the non-profit organizations governed by the provisions of the Law, the establishment of subsidiaries or branches by registered societies or institutions, and the registration of associations of organizations (i.e. organizations comprising of the association of five or more societies, institutions, non-profit companies or other non-profit organizations with common goals).

Our firm can assist you with the following:

  • Preparation of constitutions and/or amending existing constitutions;
  • Fillings and registrations with the relevant authorities; and
  • Legal advice on matters related to the Law.