Corporate Services

The firm provides a full range of corporate and fiduciary services and advice tailored to meet the needs of individuals and corporations on a worldwide level. Our team comprises of highly skilled professionals, ensuring that all types of companies are fully compliant in accordance with applicable laws in all jurisdictions and can undertake the management and administration of such companies.

The firm’s corporate services practice provides, among others, the following services:

  •  formation of Cyprus companies, partnerships and trusts, and offshore companies
  • administration of companies including the preparation of statutory and other records
  • opening and monitoring of bank accounts in Cyprus and abroad
  • compliance with legal obligations
  • provision of fiduciary services (e.g. provision of company secretary, directors, nominee shareholders, and registered office address)
  • convening board and shareholders meetings
  • Maintenance of statutory books and records as required by relevant jurisdictions
  • dissolution of entities
  • obtaining and arranging for legalization of statutory certificates from relevant local authorities
  • AML/KYC compliance