The firm provides a full range of corporate services and advice tailored to meet the needs of individuals and corporations on worldwide level.

Set up of Companies
The firm provides assistance for the setting up of Cyprus companies and companies in other international jurisdictions.

Administration of Companies
The firm provides a complete range of corporate administration services such as the opening and monitoring of bank accounts in Cyprus and abroad, handling the annual operation of companies ensuring that companies are compliant with their statutory obligations, effecting any changes to the legal structure of the companies and preparation and provision of various documents that companies may need for their transactions/business.

The firm provides of a corporate company secretary and handles all secretarial matters, including convening board and shareholders meetings, maintaining the company’s records including statutory books and registers and ensuring ongoing legal and secretarial compliance.

Provision of Nominee services
The firm provides nominee shareholders who hold shares upon trust for beneficial owners.
The firm also provides personal and corporate directors, corporate secretary, registered office address and bank signatories to corporations.

Dissolution of Companies
The firm can assist with regards to the dissolution of companies either through the procedure of strike off or that of liquidation, depending on the special needs of the client.


Key Contacts: Anna PraskelliMarilena Shambarta, Victoria Angelide