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The firm has extensive experience in Cyprus citizenship applications through the normal naturalization process or via the scheme for naturalization of investors in Cyprus by exception, under the special financial criteria of the Council of Ministers.

The Cyprus Government, as part of its policies aiming to attract foreign investors in Cyprus, is offering a very attractive citizenship scheme for high net worth individuals wishing to invest in the Cyprus economy in order to obtain Cypriot citizenship.

We provide a one-stop-shop for the citizenship application, assisting a client with all stages of the application process, from making the application, to assisting with the choice of the best investment opportunity and preparing purchase contracts and all necessary completion requirements.

Our involvement in immigration law and procedures also extends to applications for permanent residencies. In particular, the firm assists its clients with the relevant applications and with their investments in Cyprus in order to acquire the relevant citizenship or residence permit, which may include:

  • Real estate development projects and infrastructure projects
  • Purchase of government bonds
  • Purchase of financial assets of Cyprus businesses or organizations
  • Purchase of incorporation or participation in Cyprus businesses and companies

The firm also assists companies with their immigration requirements in relation to their non-Cypriot employees who have to move to Cyprus, by preparing and submitting applications for temporary work and residency permits, as well as family reunification permits for the employees’ family members.

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