The Law regulating Airbnb Accommodation in Cyprus

 In January 2020, the Regulation of the Establishment and Operation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation Law (the “Law”) has been amended to cover self-catering accommodation.  This relates to online platform operators, such as and Airbnb, and it aims to regulate, supervise and control the renting of self-catering accommodation.

Self-catering accommodation is prohibited from being rented out, unless:

  • It meets the technical and building standards and features provided by the Law;
  • it is registered with the register of self-catering accommodation, kept by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, and has obtained a registration number which will be written on any advertisement and/or transaction relating to the relevant self-catering accommodation; and
  • it maintains and renews, for as long as it operates, a valid registration license.

Self-catering accommodation that has been operating prior to the enforcement of the Law, has two years to comply with the above requirements.

In order to obtain a registration license, the owner or the administrator or the self-catering accommodation must submit an application to the Deputy Ministry of Tourism at a fee, accompanied by a declaration confirming that the relevant self-catering accommodation has been registered with the Tax Department, has followed the technical and building standards and specifications as provided by the Law, and has been properly insured.

The Deputy Ministry of Tourism may revoke a registration license if (the below list being non-exhaustive):

  • The relevant registration license was obtained using false or misleading information; and/or
  • the relevant business has ceased to operate; and/or
  • upon inspection of an officer of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, it is found that the relevant documents and certificates with respect to a valid registration license have not been renewed; and/or
  • the owner of the relevant accommodation becomes bankrupt or if, in case of a corporation, a liquidator has been appointed; and/or
  • the owner of the self-catering accommodation has been convicted of a serious offence, such as murder, burglary, theft or fraud.

Failure to comply with the provisions of the Law constitutes an offence, punishable with up to one year imprisonment and/or a fine of up to €5000.

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